I have been involved as an Owner with Highmoor Racing Syndicate and Peter since 2012, having previously been involved with a couple of other Racing Partnerships.

From a Syndicate Member’s perspective, the process is simplicity itself. My costs are kept at a very affordable monthly amount, for which I have full Owner Benefits with none of the hassles that involves.

Badges for the Owners and Trainers Facilities are arranged for your arrival at the Racecourse, giving you the full Racehorse Owner Experience at the Track.

Regular feedback is sent by email and telephone regarding the progress and general well being of the horses.

Stable visits are arranged by Peter for the Syndicate as a whole, and is also welcomed by individual owners to see the horse in its day to day working environment.

We are lucky to be involved with John Weymes Racing, where the staff get to know the Syndicate members personally, and are keen to involve the Owners in all issues of horse welfare and training issues, greatly adding to the experience of Ownership beyond race days.

Highmoor Racing is by design a smaller Syndicate group, with half a dozen or so horses, meaning your Ownership experience is very personal.
Social gatherings, as well as “catch ups” at the track, ensure that contact is made with members involved in other syndicate horses.

Highmoor also offer the opportunity to experience other aspects of the Racing Industry beyond the traditional Racehorse Ownership route, with ventures available in Pin-hooking (foal purchase) and breeding, allowing a shared insight into other facets of the Racing World.
I have no hesitation in recommending others to participate in the Racehorse Syndicate Experience provided by Peter and Highmoor.

Courtesy, Professionalism, Value for Money going hand in hand with a great Racehorse Ownership Experience.